This is my personal Blog. Originally, this blog started as an example project to create web apps using only HTMX, Golang and Tailwind CSS. But I love the result soo much that I decided to just reuse the project as the basis of my (already planned) blog.

I open sourced the code of this very blog in my GitHub. Feel free to use it as it suits you, if you like what you've seen here!

About Me
My name is Wyndham, and I'm a growing Software Engineer with a delightful mix of Android and Backend wizardry!🪄🧙🏻‍♀️

My tech toolbox consist of Kotlin, Golang, with a dash of Python, Ruby-on-Rails, and Javascript. If you're on the hunt for an Android virtuoso who's also got some backend boogie, look no further. Hit me up!

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